Bought it for 7.9€ in the local garden center.
I found the trunk be nice and thick, enough for my understanding. The growth of course is more of the “reach the sky” type of growth but some wiring should make something out of it 🙂
The plant when bought looked like this:

 Not much of a bonsai 🙂
Then some basic cutting, cleaning and reduction of height made it:

 Now the trunk already appeared. Something I was able to see in the first place when shopping. I just liked it. Compared to others which had multiple “trunks” starting from the same spot right after the roots this one had some kind of tree looking shape.
Some work on it:

 and came to the end result for now:

I didn’t yet decide on the front but at the moment the left photo above looks to be better. The branch in the back on the left (left above photo), thinner and lower than the left otherwise lowest branch is the sacrifice branch which I will remove later on. I wanted to “abuse” it and does more thickening of the lower part of the trunk.
The details of surface roots:

I potted it into a tree trunk piece which I painted from inside with “Coperol”, I don’t know if it is just a local shop brand name or known internationally but the paint is used for anti-fungus protection and not dangerous for living beings, as such used for painting the wooden platforms supposed to be constantly in the sea.
The tree is too much to the left but it was due to roots being asymmetrical. The plant was in the pot under angle and more roots grew on one side only. I will fix this when the tree starts growing properly.
The wiring…well, not very decent looking. I struggled a bit with time and shape so I did it now like it is. Later on I will fix it and make it better looking.
The green growth has to be cut more but I already cut so much that I was afraid to do it more. Lets leave it for now and let it start growing first. Then after some time of rest (if it survives) more cutting will be done.
When I bought it it was inside so considering I did severe cutting and autumn colds are already here I will keep it without dormancy this year. Next year I will prepare it differently. Anyway, many sites are stating False cypresses are supposed to endure indoor growing. We will see 🙂
Now it is in a bag under the lights. I will leave it in a bag for a week and then out of it. In the indoor shelf the humidity is pretty high (50-70% on 28C) so it should enjoy after the bag treatment.