First photos after near death experience this tree has suffered (history).
There are big scars as I needed to remove quite a big portion of the tree being dead. Not sure if that will ever heal but I didn’t have any choice. I like the tree and wanted to keep it due to its fragrance and nice looking fruits when they come…if they do.

The tree grew extremely well outside on the south faced balcony and I removed lots of new growth.
Now, I have the main branch and some on the top. Lets see if I manage to create any structure out of it.
The “pot” is actually an old table fruit dish in which I made holes. Brought from Kuivalahti, my wives parents place. I just liked it and plan to do some decoration with a blue marker, to fit with orange fruit. The pot as it is should fit nicely with white flowers but is at the moment substantially too big for the plant. As most of my plants, this one needs lots of time to reach some kind of “bonsai” state 🙂