This is the first encounter with pests with my indoor trees.
First it started with seeing small flies flying around the calamondin orange tree which I somehow thought are fruit flies.
After some time I noticed that the drops of water/humidity are gathering on the leaves. The drops were not the humidity but the dew the scale insects (kilpikirvat, fin) are producing. On the top of those the fungus starts growing.

Wrongly thinking that I need to only wash away the fungus/mold from the leaves I started examining the plant and only then noticed that the “water drops” were not water. Then it came clear to me that the tree was attacked. Like not enough has already not happened to this tree 🙁
I washed the tree with pine soap and neem oil mixed with it. The black spots went pretty easily but then the quest for scale insect females started. I have found at least 50 of them. Unbelievable speed they reproduce and spread all over the plant.

Though the plant was in the same indoor shelf with other plants I am not afraid of others being attacked. The male scale insects were able to land on other plants but as far as I understand they cannot do anything bad to the plants. They don’t even have the mouth and live very shortly.

I sprayed all plants in the shelf for any case and will keep a closer look the following days repeating spraying at least 2 times more. If they appear again I will have to take some poisons. Like this, I still try to manage this without them.

In the future, if something flies around, NO GOOD!