Trip to Thailand

Due to harsh climate here in Finland my family decided we try to “buy” some sun during the winter and have a “summer” holiday somewhere else, where is enough light and warmth.

To be honest, it did succeed! 🙂
The place we visited is Koh Lanta.

Here, after return, I attached some photos with comments related to bonsai hobby…at least what I myself notice out of it 🙂

To me the best photo of the trip. The cliff with typical in Thailand seen dramatic edge with the tree hanging from it (left top)


Rocks/cliffs used for bonsai often look extraordinarily out of fairy tales, with dramatic shapes and rising directly from the sea, lowest edge being narrower than the upper part. Here are some photos showing probably not the most dramatic ones in Thailand but anyway giving the hint. To be honest I didn’t expect so many with such a shape. Now I experience the bonsai rock plantings way differently…they don’t need to be necessarily from fairy tales 😀

Tree growth pattern

I didn’t have any expectations on what I would see there regarding the tree shape and structure but I was surprised by what I have seen. I noticed 3 type of trees:
  • Majority of trees are palm trees which are not very valuable for bonsai.
  • The next group of trees (if I am allowed to define that) are trees with huge leaves, again of no value to bonsai hobby.
  • The latest group of trees (not bushes/shrubs) has the structure very similar to the drawing below:

The characteristics of this structure (possibly not so visible in the drawing) could be:

  • The inter-nodes are actually very large, possibly due to fast growth rate.
  • The long pieces of branches grow directly upwards.
  • The long pieces of branches are straight.
  • Sometimes in those long pieces of branch there is a curve which is very often to my perception curved always to the same direction.
  • The ramification is of lower extent than in European trees.
  • The trunks are rather thin, possibly again due to fast growth rate.
  • The taper is almost invisible.
Due to these perceptions of mine the typical tree is very tall, with no lower branches and with the umbrella shape upper part. The photos below show such trees.
The tree in the middle/back

Also I didn’t find many trees with huge amount of leaves. As seen in the photos, they are having quite a scarce leaf amount. Perhaps it is due to the season, maybe they grow more in the rainy seasons.

Very rarely I came across a tree like below (middle, behind the house, between 2 palms.

Possibly the tree is very old. The trunk is under 45 degrees angle behind the house the whole length of it. I couldn’t find a better angle to photo it.

I am sure there are trees looking exactly opposite of those I attached here. These are I came across. At least on the place we have been they look this way.
As a comparison, below are some non-tropical trees (photos are linked to their original pages):

I have always thought that practicing bonsai hobby would be much simpler in tropical region due to access to wast amount of species. Somehow, to me, it ended up that it is the exact opposite. OK, it could be a little bit warmer up-here so north 😀

Air roots

Though some air roots could give some nice effect on the trunk, if they are curved around, majority I have seen had the roots connecting the trunk with the ground in a completely straight line and sometimes making a “flat” triangle.
The photo below shows a completely wrong tree. For some reason I didn’t find a photo I was sure I took, the same place, just a bit to the left 🙁 The photo anyway gives a hint how it looks like. I didn’t like them. Often the roots get so thick that they are comparable with the trunk and that gives an ugly looks.

The trees below are from the hotel area and they have nicer air roots. I don’t know the reason, I haven’t seen such when we walked around further away. The reason would be a pure guess of mine so I rather don’t give it.

Some more photos with trees on the islands:


The bushes behave to my opinion differently than the trees. Maybe because they are mostly in the shadow of the other trees and their growth pattern is different. The place was full of ficuses with different leaf size, fukien tea’s etc. They were not shaped in any specific way interesting for me so I didn’t make any photo of it. It would be just a bush anyway.

For the end, a photo of ficus which didn’t survive the memory problem of the person watering it. There were several in the row with all of them being watered regularly.

The place is beautiful! Worth of visiting, perhaps far away of major activities but we didn’t look for those, only piece 🙂 Thailand is a great place to visit!

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