During this week I took all of the trees out of their “sleeping” place. Most of the species are native to Finland so expectations were high that they survive. The winter wasn’t so bad as bad it could be but there was a period of very low temperatures, down to -28 degrees C.

During the winter it looked like this:

I made a cover frame out of treated wood and covered with 2 layers (4cm distance) of nylon sheet. I did the covers without paying attention to details so it did not close the space fully but is opened on left and right side. For this winter it is OK as I didn’t plan to leave any sensitive plant inside. For the next winter I plan to make also sides and better fittings of these 2 separate covers so that the inner space would be better insulated. Just thinking to be able to leave some more sensitive tree though I will have to be very careful.

The winter in Finland, its length and its harshness makes me think if I really want to take care of any other but Finish native trees. The survival percentage after this winter will give the first hint should I or not.

Some of the trees were not inside the covers (front in the photo) and those are still growing in the ground. The same high expectation was for them too.

Some trees already started waking up:



 Gooseberry                                           Maple      


 Syringa                                             Hawthorn

In a later phase I will create another post where the score of the past year will be counted (number of dead trees). I have already several and will try to keep the document for myself which one died due to which reason so I can keep an eye on it and not repeat mistake (if it is me being guilty).