Juniperus communis “Green carpet”, June 2016


I bought a small juniper in a garden center, 12€. It looked very joyful and happy plant…until it came to my hands 😀

I planned long time ago to create a plant on a red plate-like pot so I did it with this one. Progression of the process:


Before doing anything


After main styling


Placed on the “plate”

And finally finished “product” with moss set around its roots:


I have honestly no clue if this was a good idea. The time will show if the new growth appears and if moss is not a bad thing for the roots inside. I noticed that drying is slowed down substantially and I am not sure it is very good but I liked the idea of the moss “cake” on the plate 🙂

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  1. Jani

    I think it looks lovely!

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