Indoor bonsai shelf light upgrade

In earlier posts I described the living room bonspostai shelf for indoor bonsais with also some later post. All remained the same except that I redid the seal around the door so it keeps the humidity better on the sides and left as earlier only the bottom of the door to suck in the fresh air and the hole in the ceiling from inside for warm air out. Also I put the cables nicer and neater so it is now really representative installation 😀

After 2 years of heavy use (15h/day around 7-8 months) some LED lamps broke. Interestingly the newest 2 broke, the older ones are still OK though on some was visible noticeable reduction of light power. As the replacement was inevitable I decided to see if there is also something better on the market.

Earlier I was ordering from LED centrum so I did it this time too. Today came several pieces of 8W/730lm GU10 lamps.


The lamp has better technical specification than others I have at the moment. The first night test showed that the temperature in the shelf rose from 30 degrees C to 32 degrees C which is not too much yet. I replaced 4 LED’s inside, those which were 120 degrees so there will be substantially more efficient light for the trees compared to the wattage added.

The lux measurements showed that it gives ~93 klux at 10 cm distance from the surface of the new LED lamp. All the plants in the shelf are around 10-15 cm far away of the lamps so the amount of light is really good next to the new ones.

The temperature measurement (with a very bad/wrong meter = finger :D) didn’t show substantial temperature rise. Actually, other 4 lamps which were of 25 degrees are substantially more hot on the surface.

After the first 2 days I noticed slightly higher humidity inside the shelf which is most probably due to the door seal. I had to open the top hole slightly more for condensation on the door to disappear which brought the temperature back to 30 degrees C.

It is obvious that I need to replace lights at least once in 2 years as some will break in the meantime or will reduce their light output. I doubt I will decide adding more of 8W lamps than now (1 for each shelf) not to raise inner temperature too much.


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  1. Jani

    Nice color temperature, 5000K. What is the lux output where the plant is?

    • tato

      Hi Jani,
      Depending on the shelf/plant and their branches position and distance I got in the worst case 72 klux. The citrus which at the moment has one branch extending nearer to this lamp than others gets 120 klux at that spot.
      Thanks for comment!

  2. Viherbonsai

    Want! If they made these in dimmable and ~15degrees then I would have needed them a year ago for my living room plant spotlight setup.

    How many lux are you measuring from around 500mm distance?

    • tato

      Thanks for comment!
      After a rollercoaster of wrong measurements 😀 I finally got ~5 klux at 50 cm distance.

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