Since the beginning this carmona had inverse taper in the middle of its trunk.


Now, I thought it is about time to do something about it. I decided I make a deadwood feature, kind of uro, a bigger one though. The inverse taper did appear on such a place where sometime ago was a branch, being cut out without further handling it to be nicer.












The idea I had was when the carved hole is there then I could squeeze the sides more to the inside making the trunk be slimmer in one area.


After the carving is finished I applied rafia around the trunk to keep the remaining parts nearer to each other thinking that when it starts healing the bark will “freeze” in that position and hopefully keep the slimmer shape. After the healing would be over I thought of one more time handle the hole to make it maybe better looking and darker inside. Now it is more important that the tree doesn’t die :/











The end result is below, tree hopefully surviving and healing inside the indoor shelf. I will let it grow without any more cutting/pinching for some time so it regenerates and after that I have to restyle it as the growth is now all over the place and it looks messy.


I have no clue if this will bring results as I wish. Removing all the extra wood would make the trunk be sliced in half. I didn’t want to do that. Making it slimmer this way perhaps will work aesthetically but I have no clue if the tree will like it. Time will show.


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