10 days ago I participated in to me the first bonsai related training/course. It was in Burrs, Manchester/UK. Burrs weekend is organized by Tony Tickle and is ongoing for already 12 years. During the weekend each participant is free to get help and work together with multiple already acknowledged bonsai artists. Having several artists at your hand helps building ones skills because each artist has its own idea. And then it also comes to your own mind, your own idea how you thought something would/should be done.

I have met great people! I have seen many nice trees and many trees with great potential. Honestly, in my opinion, it is necessary to raise the bar from time to time in order to  improve and develop.

Not to repeat and think of better words it is easier to visit the following pages and learn about it:

Burrs weekend webpage


Tonys blog

Decision to participate crystallized in my mind when Tony visited us last summer. Before I went there I wanted to have my own tree (not mandatory for the course) and I wanted yamadori. Tony was great and found me one very nice larch. I chose larch because I didn’t want to sacrifice my first tree into which I put more than 25€ to the next winter which larch is supposed to survive. In couple of years I will get better grip on surviving the Finnish winter and then I perhaps could take more risks though working on native trees might be easier at least from survival probability point of view.

When Tony found the tree it looked like this:


The same tree in autumn colors:


Before I started working on it:


And after I finished (with huge Tonys help) I got this (not the best photo, birds view, but I will make a better one in the spring):


I plan to change the pot, should be a little bit shallower.

I am expecting a lot from this tree, it looks really great already now! 🙂


So, I loved it and I will go again 🙂

Below some photos from the weekend but more better photos are behind the links above: