Juniperus chinensis “Stricta”, January 2017

Our local bonsai society tries to meet from time to time and organize some group work.
A week ago was also one of such occasions for which we met at Masas place.

I brought this Juniper:



The tree overgrew so much that it wasn’t looking like anything anymore. It was in need of new wiring and some pruning.

Half of the tree I finished during our group work and the rest I did at home. Now it looks like this:

After, old background

After, old background

When I finished it it struck me that the right branch looks to be unnecessary. This tree suffered my first ever styling of any tree and though not even now I know what I am doing I definitely knew even less then 😀

The photos capturing how it should look like without the “branch”:











Not the best photos but it does show it. If I decide to remove the branch I would also need to change the pot, the present one would be way too long for it.

I got fed up with the present background. It needs way too careful lighting which I still have to improve. Also some photo editing is needed to darken the back even more. I went to local shop (Eurokangas) and bought 3 different ones, to test how it would look like with better backgrounds. The results:


The lighting must be seriously improved but I like the results. It was far easier to shoot a photo with those. All photos are unedited, except some cropping on the sides.

The black is really black! Material = velvet.

The gray I think is the best out of these but even the blueish is not bad at all. For both of these material = alcantara.  I like these 2 more than black as it is easier with lighting, I don’t need to pay attention so much, I can just lighten the whole “scene”. With black one it is not like that.

Having said that, I believe when the lighting is improved the black background photo must get better too.

If you as a rare visitor of these pages (except me the author :D) already managed to read all of this please feel free to comment on the right branch issue.

  1. Remove
  2. Make a jin (what kind of, any idea?)
  3. Don’t change anything


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  1. Jan Tammisto

    Very nice bacgrounds!

  2. Anonymous

    About the branch/second trunk, I would vote for B/jin, and later decide whether to keep it or not. Roots that go to that branch will die, does that matter?

    • tato

      Yeah, I guess that’s the best way 🙂 Thanks for comment! It doesn’t matter about the roots. I didn’t even payed attention to nebari so far as it was a very young plant nor I cared then when I started. Next repotting I will take a look. There are some surface roots and it looks like plenty of them so it shouldn’t be of any problem if I loose some.

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