The tree was since October in warm winter storage on minimum +5C. Beginning of January while watering all trees in there I noticed that the new flower buds started forming.











In panic I took it inside. The idea is to enjoy the flowering and not to let it happen inside the cupboard 😀 I put into the coolest place in the house (around +15C) inside the transparent nylon bag where it was for a week or two.

The tree continued developing buds and strongly growing after which I decided not to return it back to the warmed storage place anymore. Most probably I messed up panicking too quickly but what is done is done. Plan was to anyway put it indoors at the early spring and enjoy flowering in indoor shelf thus extend the growing season.


After couple of weeks the flowers (28 of them) came to the maximum opening stage I would say and here are resulting photos:


The best shot of flowers only


Same like for Juniperus “Stricta” I made photo shoots with all 3 backgrounds:


The black one “swallowed” the pot so it is unacceptable.


This blueish one I like the most.


The gray one works too.


Present state in indoor shelf with the quince in the third shelf from the top

Only now I noticed that the stone on the bottom was too much on the left 😀 No can do. Next time more brain…maybe!


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