Flowers for music

My chaenomeles japonica started creating flower buds already in October last year. This winter is so far so warm that I was hardly keeping the winter storage cold enough for buds not to open. Last week it was already too long waiting for it, all buds became very red and I decided is time to open them up. I did the same last year, brought the plant inside in the middle of winter and I am positive it won’t have problems this year either. Now it goes into the indoor shelf under the lights.

The first week I kept it in a transparent nylon bag so that humidity shock is not too big (from ~80% outside to 30% inside).

The tree is far from any good branch structure but flowers are so pretty that is pleasure to see it each time they open.

Last time I made very good photos of the plant itself and decided this time I could play a bit 🙂

The music sheet in the background was supposed to be more old looking but it was still too light for the lightning. But it doesn’t matter. The photo is anyway black/white/gray and red so some brownish nuances would perhaps be too much.


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