Juniperus Communis “Repanda” cliff, December 2017


2 years ago with the bonsai friends we experimented with creating stone plantings and out of some slate stone I created a cliff looking “pot”.








A year ago I bought a basic Juniperus communis “Repanda”/Kääpiokataja (fin), Obicna borovica/klela (cro), Common juniper (eng) from a garden shop for something like 7€ and did the kind of first styling. Removed 30% of roots and left it in its own plastic “pot”.

This spring I planted the pre-styled tree into the cliff (May, the plant already started growing again) and with no removal of any branches left it growing the whole summer.


End result, in June 2017 looked like this:











And the view from the “top”:










Now, in December, I did the second styling (first in this pot) shaping the tree to fit to the pots atmosphere, strong wind over the cliff and effects on the branches.

I would not consider this a windswept style, rather slightly shaped by the wind.

Tried to photo the best out of it:


Next year I will remove the most of the jinned branches on the left. Some I will leave but as they are now are definitely an over-engineering.

Today is the 100 year anniversary of Finish independence so in honor of that I did the following photos 🙂


And no, the cliffs don’t look like that in Finland but does it have to be?! 😉