After the summer growing in piece it was time to do some starting styling. The middle part of the trunk was dead already at the moment of extracting it from the ground so I had to remove it. The V-shaped cut is usually used for broom styling but in this case I did it so because I was unsure which side will continue growing. To be on safe side I left both sides for the next year.
The trunk is rather thick and now with left 20 cm height if it starts growing I expect from it a nice piece after many years of shaping it 🙂

There is potential for nebari and the trunk thickness is a nice one. No movement in the trunk will most probably make it a format upright but I will see how this goes.

Before doing anything

Present front side

Side view

Maybe this side might become a new front if the growth works that way

The remaining branches on the top should be more shortened and I will do it perhaps early spring.