New thing to experiment with.
Together with other bonsai hobbyists locally we are experimenting with different ways of growing indoor bonsai’s. Here in Finland, it is not easy to keep a plant survives the winter due to low light conditions together with extreme air dryness inside when the heating is on. The dry air is sometimes around 25% when the winter is very cold due to heating and too efficient air exchange devices. That all makes plants suffer not to mention the development is very low.
The idea appeared to keep the glass closed environment where we can control the humidity. One of those “sites” is my living room bonsai shelf where I keep the best ones so I can see them all the time 🙂 The living room limits amount of light I could give to the plants so I needed another site, away of daily eyes and with freedom for various experiments.
One of those is to have an old aquarium/terrarium where the glass allows easy reach of wished humidity levels and light can penetrate the glass walls easily.

This aquarium is my wives hobby while being a little girl which got the second life now:

I put all I had for experimenting, a bonchi to be, a lemon my son is growing from the seed he got from a lemon from the shop, 2 orchids too.

The photos are just after putting the plants in. Now. after couple of hours, the humidity reached 99% and the water is slowly dripping down the walls. Though the top of aquarium is covered with glass along its border is 3-5 mm opening through which the air could exchange. Nevertheless, I noticed that the air doesn’t change much, the humidity keeps around 99% the whole day regardless of sauna room being quite dry. I assume it is due to the fact that there is no opening in the bottom so the air doesn’t circulate as the humid air is heavy and keeps being on the bottom. We will see, does it mean I need to create some artificial fan moved air. I won’t start doing that yet.

I put the aquarium into sauna, it is easy to move it around when we use sauna for its sole purpose. At the moment the lights are 4x18W cold white fluorescent tubes. The light levels are around 18-25 klux at the bottom of the aquarium. The levels are not sufficient. I ordered a 50W LED chip which I will put to the top and see what levels that one brings. The LED chip is supposed to generate 4000 lm which at the bottom, 30 cm away of the chip, should create around 60 klux. 2-3 such lamps and perhaps I have a sun comparable light levels.