Malus, February 2016

The tree looks good, flowering already now 🙂

When the spring comes to us (not only the tree 🙂 ) I will transplant it into a bigger pot and change soil. This is the original pot/soil I got when receiving the tree and I don’t want to take risks on not knowing what is the situation inside. So far it looks good.

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  1. Jani

    Flowering, how nice! I want one t

    • tato

      Thanks for comment Jani! I am glad it survived the winter…only now it has to survive me 🙂

  2. B-Snaga

    Vautsivau, plain beautiful! 🙂

    • tato

      Thanks 🙂 Not yet done on it anything surprising nor with much effort so lets see how it develops through time.

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