Populus tremula “Erecta”, May 2016

After surviving the winter in a temporary “pot” it was time to pot the aspen.

The pot I used ended up looking like the North American Indian canoe which was not intention. Nevertheless, the shape of the lower part of the trunk is such that I am actually satisfied.
The trunk should go slightly angled more to left (when watching the first photo). The moss I installed to keep more of the “soil” inside not to have then washed away. There is more surface without the moss than somehow visible in the photo.
The style I aim remains sort of “wind swept” at least for now. I like how it is bent to one side. Only if I get the horizontal part of trunk under the soil would be great. Nebari?! I doubt I will ever get it here 😀

By the way, the idea to put the pot on the old stump was not good, the colors somehow blended and the port disappeared. But hey, this is all about learning 🙂

End result:

New buds
New buds and roots state, not bad.

The repotting was done 2 weeks ago. Now it has some leaves but I hope I get more during the summer.

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  1. Anonymous

    Would moon pot suit this tree?


    • tato

      Thanks for comment.
      Yes, you are probably right. This pot I made for blueberry (orange with blue berries would fit better) but I used it for this tree due to its size, the rest somehow looked too big compared to the roots.
      It might be I have a paranoia of over-potting trees, something I have done last year way too many times, so I perhaps even miss a good opportunity.
      But yes, I agree, the choice might have been better.

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