Tony Tickle in my garden

Last year when i visited Bonsai Europa I met Tony, the organizer of the event. Very open minded, talkative guy, hard to believe I talked that easily with someone who is so high in Bonsai world. He even arranged me the taxi back to the airport 🙂 It was really pleasure to meet him. He promised to visit us some day, here in Finland….and, that day came! 🙂

The visit was short due to the timetable restrictions but nevertheless to me the mark of the new beginning. I have already been thinking about moving on to the next stage, trying to gather better trees, not only garden centers “stick in a pot” and actually learn to style a proper tree. The fear existed though. What if I kill an expensive tree immediately?! Yes, it is valid. I cannot risk several hundreds and kill it instantly due to lack of knowledge. Now, when some basic knowledge is here (hopefully, in my head) I decided to move on.

Each year I will instead of spending money on tens of garden centers material invest into one good tree. Each year I will try to visit some workshop and/or if we manage to arrange Tonys workshop over here in Finland and in that workshop I style it. Ooo, this sounds great! 🙂

Not to make a mistake, I WILL still buy from time to time some material from garden center and try to do something on it. It just won’t be 10’s of them filling my back garden with in the end “dead corpses”.

Nothing else to say but Thank You Tony! This was a great pleasure and I got a kick into my butt to jump over to the next stage. At least I believe it so.

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Check Puuhaalijat event for the next Tonys visit which would be a workshop under his guidance.

Below some photos of the event:



Photo above linked to Janin Bonsait blog



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