This spring I took 2 pines from a near by forest (with license) visible as the leftest literati looking pine in the second photo at my balcony.

Out of a sudden I noticed lots of white “wool” on its new branches:














At first I wasn’t sure but then when I checked another pine seeing there is no such white wool I was pretty sure something is wrong. The more knowledgeable bonsai friend confirmed that this is the result of a pest.

I took some white “wool” of it and put it under my sons “microscope” and here it is, right in the middle:

beastOn a photo is hardly visible but in the video just follow the very middle of the screen:

So, what to do? No other option but poisoning. Couple of sticks of Provado and hopefully those bastards are gone.  Before applying sticks I vacuum cleaned all “wool” I was able so I kind of decimated them already 😀

Hopefully, it will recover. The moment I saw this was when they already arranged full housing on my pine but I still haven’t seen any damage on it…unless I missed it.