Ficus microcarpa, defoliation, October 2016

After several years of growing and pruning I decided it is time to try defoliation. This will be the first time I do it. Why do it? It is supposed to generate smaller leaves and the tree should respond with massive amount of new shoots. Lets hope so!

The situation before I started:



From above

After 1 hour of cutting the leaves away the poor baldy looked like this:


Lots of growth is visible, shoots turned to the heavens. Some order needs to be maintained and after couple of hours of wiring I got the following result:




I bought from Jani a better camera (Canon EOS 500d) and I am still learning how to make a better photo. A better camera doesn’t mean a photo is better. It is the one behind the camera…and it is me so the quality is not necessarily the best what someone might be able to extract from the same conditions…or it is perhaps my trees, they can’t look better than they are 😀

Some playing with different lighting produced photos of different mood, much warmer. At first I didn’t like them but now while writing this I somehow like them more. Lighting though must be improved, too many shadows.


Some more photos with details of the branches in new positions:


Birds perspective


As usual, I am not so delighted by what the tree looks on the photo compared with the reality. Because of that I did the video of 360 view:

Next plans:

  • The lower part of trunk should be wider. If the tree is half the height it would look much better.
  • Extending/growing branches a little further from the trunk
  • Perhaps changing the stone. I am unhappy with the color, should be dark grey or black to make a better contrast.

All in all, not so bad 🙂


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  1. Jani

    Very nice wiring. I agree about the stone, darker color could look nice. And I too think lower part of the trunk should be wider, spreading like a trumpet. Could one split and carefully bend those roots?

    • tato

      Thanks Jani!
      I am not sure yet how I will manage to widen the trunk below as the plan just came out after looking the new photos. I always looked at the tree differently but now I see the stone should be changed and the trunk should be different, who knows what is next 🙂
      Good to know that the opinion is shared, feels safer when thinking if the choice would be right. In the next repoting 2-3 months later I will have a look can I even remove that stone at all and same time I will see what can be done with roots. Good idea though. I was thinking more in the direction of growing air-roots in the very low part of the trunk hoping to get kind of nebari looking “star” and widen the angle of the trunk coming out of the soil but now I will rethink it after checking the roots section.
      Also perhaps slightly deeper potting would be better. I keep the post updated. First task is to see that it wakes up from the baldy stage 🙂

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