I have been living in Finland for over 17 years and this winter is to be the darkest one for me so far. Early November the temperature dropped to around -14C in Southern region (around Helsinki) with half a meter of snow only to loose all of it a week later.

Now it is +4C, tomorrow is to be +7C, no snow whatsoever. Because of this I added some light to the conifers in the heated balcony storage:


Though it looks on the photo this is too much light it is actually not so much. The two sets of fluorescent lamps, each 36W, cold-white light, 2 years old, so their output is not so high as it was when bought.

The light is on for 4-5h. Inside are also deciduous trees which won’t react to this as temperature is too low to start waking up.

I am wondering how do we manage trees in the future when the meteorologists are forecasting summer average temperature to rise 1-2 degrees while winter average should rise even 6-7 degrees. That would mean no snow when the heavy minuses approach. No roots hardening in lower minuses for several weeks before heavy minuses come might be very bad at least for more sensitive trees.

Also, if the temperatures are on positive side the conifers need light (small amount) and the November-January is very very very dark over here.

Seems, no easy times for bonsai growers in these regions if the forecasts are to become true.


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