Two months after defoliation new leaves appeared, half the size than earlier, no huge leaves anymore and so much of growth appeared that I already had to cut it once.

This ficus “suffered” many changes of design. Last one I already thought earlier of was the stone to be changed. The first one was hastily chosen thinking that the color similar to the trunk would be good. It was not.

I wanted a darker stone and such which has more details so it perhaps makes the tree looks bigger.

The end result is this:

ficus front


ficus back


Same strategy: glue stone pieces (slate stone) together to fill in the space between the “roots”.

Some photos from stone remounting process:


Starting point – old stone removed


Almost done

While defoliation I thought of trying to widen the distance between the roots “legs” to make the bottom part of the tree wider. How it was earlier it had sort of negative taper. I didn’t manage to make any widening, it was too stiff and was afraid of breaking something so I left it.

What I did instead was slightly leaned the trunk to the left so both sides of the trunk come out of the soil straight up.

The next phase will be to produce more air roots for 2 reasons:

  • to crawl over the stone pieces making the tree look more dramatic if I may say so
  • if enough air roots come near the bottom of the trunk it might enhance its taper

To produce the air roots I covered the roots with plastic sheet and lets see what luck I have 🙂

ficus airroots

Air roots production “tent”


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