Jinning the too big branch, November 2017


In previous session I was happy with overall design but the right branch was way too big. Now was time to correct that.

Starting from:


After removing all the foliage from the right branch and some unnecessary from the whole tree:20171111_145916

… and after peeling the whole branch:20171111_154444

… ended up with this:


By using the pocket blow torch I bended the branch and removed small remnants of peeling.

Next summer:

  • repotting into a smaller pot,
  • bleaching the jin
  • making a better photo

Overall satisfied with the result. The photos are terrible but I do not worry about that.


Link to Juniper chinensis “Stricta” progression

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  1. Jani

    Nice wiring again! Trunk makes kind of an arc, is that just the picture? Some angles would perhaps fit it better? Just a thought!

    • tato

      Yeah, the photo is very bad. There is an arc as a result of screw-like bend which is running all around. It is not very visible in the photo. I will definitely have to try making a better photo because this one is useless.
      The arc is though not the best feature of this tree and you are completely right. I keep in mind each year modifying the trunk but always find something else to do 🙂 This has been the first ever tree in my hands as a bonsai victim and has lots of stuff to be fixed in time.

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