Niks workshop in Finland

The story continues!

Chris in April 2018 and now Nik Rozman, September 2018. And boy what a workshop it was!

This time I realized that our material can reach the estetic levels we wished for. No, we could have not reached it ourselves. That’s where we had/needed Nik for. A different viewpoint was ready for each tree we planned to work on.

All of the trees we worked on reached the state that one cannot do anything else but just look at it and worship it 🙂

Here are some photos from the 2 days event:


































Here are before/after photos of the trees we worked on:

My first tree was taxus named “Melanija”:

Melanije beforeMelanija after








My second tree was the prunus mahaleb from Croatia which “suffered” slight redesign after strong growing this exceptionally warm summer. Apex got redesigned and main branches directed better:

Mahaleb beforeMahaleb after







My third tree was the Tickled larch where we removed the branch which died and cut it to a very short jin. This tree needs more ramification to get its value and also the pot. In the spring I cut out some roots which were way too far from the trunk. Next spring should do the same again so I get the part of the trunk which is in the soil shorter. It has been almost 20 cm in the soil and roots in the end of it.

Tickled larch beforeTickled larch after





My fourth tree…Jesus, so many we worked on, was the pine which I never actually styled, planned to make a literati:

Literati pine beforeLiterati pine after








Now before/after photos of other trees from other participants of our local bonsai society:

Janis spruce

Spruce beforeSpruce after








Teros Sembra pine

Sembra pine beforeSembra pine after








Mattis juniper

Juniper beforeJuniper after






There were several more but I can’t find photos anymore.

Majority of the trees were stars of the workshop. Magnificent transformations and extremely skillfull Niks teaching!

Nothing more to say but thank you Nik for this and I am sure we will bring you again…sooner than you think 🙂


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  1. Thanks for this information. Seems you had a lot of fun and the trees look amazing!

    – Vesa

    • tato

      Thanks Vesa. Yes, it was one amazing workshop with brilliant results. Pity u didn’t manage this time. Hopefully next:)

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