The 2 pants in the previous pot grew substantially so I decided to prune it for the first time. They finally established well and I was sure they can grow further. As the plant itself is not really “constructive” regarding bonsai growing (at least I don’t now how/what to do with it) I decided to make a funny re-potting.

The coffee cup is the real one, not a faked plant pot nowadays possible to find. I prepared it a year ago for some plant but was waiting which one to go. What a better fit than a coffee plant into a coffee cup.
The plant itself looks pretty bad at this moment as most of the growth I cut out and tried to shape the remaining branches a little bit. The plant tries to grow all up and branches very near each other. I will try to make a bush out of it.
The smurf is from my daughter, she doesn’t need it anymore 🙂

The other plant is still in the old pot, still don’t know what/how to shape it. Will give it some growing time and maybe I get the idea then.